Inventory management system



Detailed stock database

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Everything related to stock in one place.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

All types of product and service registry

Register any stock of saving, service, supply type.

Monitor stock balance at real-time

Separated view on every warehouse. This balance can be inspected from stock move history.

Price change history

Stock costs and price change history is recorded

Everything product related is in one place

Sales, purchase, manufacturing, ingredients related to the stock.

Supplier info

Automatic purchase price download of a product by registering it's suppliers and setting up the purchase price. Connect your suppliers to products.

Account settings

Set up the related sales income, cost of sales, stock account and internal expense accounts and the inventory entry is created automatically right after the stock income and expenditure in system.

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Automatic income  document

Inventory income document is automatically created directly after the purchase order approval. Stock income entry is created automatically and stock cost is averaged right after receiving the stock.

Automatic expense document

Stock delivery order is created undoubtedly right after the sales order approval. After order delivery, stock expense entry is automatically created and deducted from warehouse.

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Automatic purchase following the reordering rule

You can set up the stock reordering rule. According to this rule, stock reorder or purchase order is automatically created when stock minimum limit is reached. So, there is no stockout and the stock is kept at rational level.

Automatic chain reordering

Replenishment order can be set up to be automatically created from other warehouse according to the expended amount after stock expenditure from the current warehouse. Using this feature, there is no more branch stockout.

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Stock serial monitoring

Choose serial number for the stock income and monitor product serial balance, manage the expire date.

Stock move history on one window

History of incoming stock, internal movement and  delivery orders of every warehouse is laid out in one place.

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Stock keeping

The present amount of stock is filled up on the current position when starting stockkeeping after selection of warehouse position. Stock overload or lack is automatically calculated and entry is created after stockkeeping and entering the real amount into the system.

Stockkeeping mobile app

stockkeeping is made simpler

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This app scans the products using barcode reader, saves the stockkeeping information on itself and sends the information to Od-ERP server.

All types of stock analysis

Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo CMS - a big picture

Integrated apps


Inventory income document is automatically created from purchase.


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