Technics app



Detailed technics database

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The Technics app of our system is specially developed for recording large technics and equipments used for mining and engineering. The above is screen for recording every details of technics.

Register all types of owned as well as rental technic details, such as model name, current configuration, year of manufacture, color, license number, engine model, engine type, capacity, ID; in case of excavator and dumps, size of load-carrying platform and dredger, carrying capacity, etc.

In addition to basic technical information, it also shows the current Moto/hours and distance traveled, as well as current technic status. Technic status can be stopped, running, parked, in repair, in stock.

Technic settings registry

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The above screen shows additional technic configuration record.

Records technical norms, seat & door count, dredger and load-carrying platform size, engine details, low, average and high fuel consumption, engine torque and fluid capacity adjustments. Liquid capacity adjustment records the system name and capacity.

Technic moto hour record

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You can record technic's daily time consumption. This will show operator name with their shift; technic's states with their time duration on one screen. This allows you to remotely monitor the technic and what it is currently doing. 

The dispatcher records technic's current states; such as working, idle, is being repaired, waiting for repair, parked, on break time, on planned service, refueling, etc.

Spare parts record

You can register spare parts taken out from technics, so that you don't forget them. Here, details like date, spare part name, quantity, reason for moving, receiver are recorded. 

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Fuel and lubricants record

You can record daily fuel and lubricants of every shift. The record includes technic name, oil system, oil type, balance before adding oil, added amount, technic's motor / hour, etc.. It's possible to enter all technics' F&L allowance on one screen for a date / shift. And if you use our Od ERP system's inventory app, the registered F&L get automatically disbursed from inventory and their cost entry is automatically made.

Tire records

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Since tires are expensive spare parts, this app is developed in such a way that you can record tire details separately.

You can register purchased date, price, current balance cost, serial number, norm size, run moto/hrs, mileage, current tread depth, tread depreciation rate, technics using this tire, tire position.

It also shows the tire's all usage, depreciation and inspection history; location and date of a tire. 

You can set tire norms and get comparison report. Tread depth norm, pressure norm, moto/hr norm, mileage norm are set on tire norm.

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Tire scraps

Record scrap details like tire name, reason for scrapping, mileage, balance cost.

Technical reports and analysis

The technic app of OD ERP system has very flexible reports and analyze. You can view them on screen or export as excel file.

Technic status report

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Technical inspection

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User can build their own report by choosing from columns and rows. For example, the above image shows worked hours, productive hours, time spent for repair, refuels, availability in selected time duration.

Reports can be viewed as spreadsheet, barchart, pie chart, and line chart. You can analyze by grouping any field and column.

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Choosing technic's specifications to be seen on report.

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Analysis by technic type.

Integrated apps


Records daily mining performance and monitor time expenditure.


Monitors planned and unplanned repairs on technic; as well as repair norm and performance. Repair management helps in technic availability.


Each technic gets connected to fixed asset. Spare parts and fuel costs are treated as cost centers.