Internal communication app

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Shared calendar

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Calendar for everyone in company.

Everyone sees who has meetings where, who has leave or vacation. Meetings are no longer overlapped, reminds and sends invitations. Just like facebook event.

Meeting invitation

Invitation emails are sent to participants. Invited people will choose from "Accept" or "Decline" buttons on the email. You can organize meeting with not only internal employees, as well as customers and suppliers, anyone.

Meeting reminder

Set meeting reminder time interval. You can create multiple reminders for 1 hour, 30 minutes, etc.

Frequent meetings

Set intervals for meetings such as weekly, monthly, etc. Meetings and reminders are automatically created according to intervals.

Weekly / Daily view of meetings calendar

Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo CMS - a big picture

Employees' internal chat

Employees can see who is online, who is offline and chat with each other from within Od ERP. This makes communications faster and no need for external IM software.

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Your notifications

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Every activity related to you on ERP will come into your inbox. Your new tasks, updates on stuff you follow, announcements and comments for you are all there. Just like facebook timeline.

"Like" button

You can press this button to express yourself on anybody's post shown in timeline.

Write comments

You can write comments, ask questions and start discussion on any post. Written comments are sent as emails to related people.

Archive posts

Press on star to archive necessary posts. Same as facebook's "Save" button.

To-do list. It's more fun to do works now!

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Write your post-it tasks online. Strike out the ones you've done, apply colors and share with many people.

Planning works

Organize your office or personal tasks in to-do list. Custom time intervals.

Strike through finished tasks

It's nice to strike through them all!

Apply colors

Appy different colors to tasks. No need to buy colorful papers.

Drag between columns

Click and drag your tasks to change category.

Employees' internal groups

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Users can create groups for what they like and start discussions with followers.

Internal forum

Collect karma!

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Create forums and start discussions. You can set karma collecting requirements as per forums. Active users can collect karma. This helps increase creativity.

Integrated apps


Imports data from time balance calculated in HR app and calculates salary.


Received and sent documents, orders, definitions, meeting protocols.

Project management

Analyze employee's spent hours per projects and tasks. So the salary costs are correctly distributed to projects.


Employee's recorded stock and cash requests are integrated with accounting app.