Repair management app



Spare parts and stock registry

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Record stock types.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Stock registration

All types of inventory can be recorded accurately such as supplies, storage items, fixed assets and services. 

It is possible to switch directly from inventory screen to related app screens, such as movement of goods, price history, reordering rules, sales & purchase history, and repair usage history.

If you use inventory app together with this app, you can monitor stock balance and cost, as well as record the minimum stock balance. Therefore, enables the system to automatically create replenishment orders right when the minimum stock balance is reached.

You can use barcode, internal code or the system's automatic encoding.

Damage type registration

The types of technical damage can be encoded. This allows work orders to be analyzed and grouped by damage type.

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Cause of damage registry

You can record cause of damages; and group work order and technics damage by causes. This allows us to take actions to eliminate damage causes.

Cause of delay in repair registry

You can choose cause of delay in case of delay in repair.

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Repair plan registry

You can register major repair plans, as well as unplanned repair works. Pre-plan work orders and repairmans on repair plan. When the time comes, system automatically creates work orders. The comparison between repair plan and performance is automatically monitored on the system. Furthermore, if budget app is used, it's possible to record the budget for repair plan and the budget execution is generated immediately.

Inspection records

You can inspect your technics every day and record inspection slips on the system.

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Oil sampling

You can sample your technics' oil every day and record it on the system.

Work order registry

Work orders for planned repair are automatically generated from repair plan; and work orders for unplanned repair are created whenever needed.

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Records what equipment to work on, what operations to perform, which repairman should work in what hour, etc. on work order. If inventory app is used, the demand for stock is created from work order. You can register repair norms, where estimated amount of time and stock is set.

This allows comparison of repairmen performance to their norms. Repair state can be draft, opened, finished, closed or canceled; allowing for remote control of the current state of work orders. Od ERP system's repair app has been developed in such a way, that you can estimate cost of each work order.

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You can do any type of filtering, grouping and analyzing on work order list view, such as work type, execution, technic, time duration, etc..

Repair experience database

Repair workers can create database of practical experience for beginners. It records information like what should be considered for which type of repair, and how the problems were solved.

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Tire inspection

Daily tire inspection can be recorded on the system. Records daily details like tread depth, depreciation percentage and pressure of a technic's each tire.

Integrated apps


Detailed technics records. Moto/hr, km records. Detailed registry of tires, accumulators, technics and spare parts.


Daily mining records and time consumption control.

Human Resources

Repair workers' norm work and repair performance control. KPI calculation in HR app.