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Stock order

The workflow runs this way: Employees send request for required products, materials, assets through system and get approvals.

Where is my requested product right now?

Yes, this is the common difficulty faced by expecting employees. Is my order purchased? Is it in warehouse? When will it arrive? Getting such worries answered is quite a challenge after placing the order. Then using our system, you can receive notification e-mails about whereabouts, as well as the status of your order and track it with dates on the system.

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Purchase plan

Plan your purchases in line with budget. You can import from the plan when placing orders . Plan executions are monitored in real-time.

Control your purchase orders automatically

Set the minimum supply level and requests for quotation are automatically sent to suppliers.

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Compare your purchases

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If your company does tender and compared procurements, you can see all your received quotations in one window at once. Send these comparisons to your selection makers to choose the most suitable supplier.

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Automatic invoicing

Invoices are created automatically after purchase order approval or depending on stock deposit slips. Book-keepers don't have to manually type-in the reciepts to software. Your payable entries are created only by pressing Approve button on the draft invoices.

Purchase overheads are distributed to stock costs

Overheads of any currency can be distributed.

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Supplier appraisal

Assess your suppliers using any indicator after purchase. With the help of appraisals, you can sort through and set criterions for your suppliers. Supplier's points are automatically updated after the assessments.

All types of report analysis

Charts and diagrams are used for representing the various researches such as purchase according to supplier, stock picking types, etc. You can also export them as Excel files.

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Integrated modules


Automatic creation of stock deposit paper right after the purchase order approval.


Automatic creation of invoices right after the purchase order approval.


Purchase order can be set up to be created after the sales according to number of stock.

Contract management

Related contract can be set up to be automatically created after purchase order approval. Payment terms and other contract details are recorded and monitored on the contract.


Purchase costs are integrated with budget execution.