Payroll app

Calculate payroll in an hour


Automatic time balance

HR app generates automatic time balance.

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• Record any wage raise and deduction formula.

• Register any salary structure.

• Calculate salary bonus depending on sales plan performance.

• Calculate salary according to the approved time balance from HR module.

• Calculate salary by exporting time balance as Excel files.

• Each employee can view their wage history.

• Import lunch, phone call, fuel bills and deduct it from salary.

• Automatic deduction of employee receivables.

• Salary calculation, check and approval process.

• Automatic creation of financial records right after the salary approval.

• Salary table is automatically emailed to employees after the completion of wage calculation.

• Calculate holiday money.

• Calculate sick list money.

• Calculate maternity leave money.

• Print out salary table for banks.

• Social Security Tax and Personal Income Tax reports

• All types of wage standard reports.

Integrated apps


Ирсэн, явсан бичиг баримт, тушаалын бүртгэл, тодорхойлолт, хурлын протоколыг хөтлөнө


Ажилтны зарцуулсан цагийг төсөл, даалгавраар нь задлан хянах, шинжлэх боломжтAnalyze employee's spent hours per project and task. So salary cost is correctly distributed on projects.ой. Ингэснээр цалингийн зардал нь төслүүдэд үнэн зөвөөр хуваарилагдаж хөтлөгддөг


Employee's stock and cash requests are integrated with accounting app.