Manufacture management app



• Ingredients norm, categorized technology cards.

• Manufacturing plan. Real time performance control.

• Many types of views of manufacturing plan, such as calendar, gantt, diagram, etc.

• Manufacture secondary raw materials i.e. by-products.

• Real-time control of product manufacturing progress.

• Control time usage and productivity of every equipment.

• Record and control planned repair of equipments.

• Create repair order for defective products.

• Defects, normal and abnormal depreciation can be calculated for manufactured products

• Factory quality control process

Odoo CMS - a big picture

• Required ingredients and quantity of raw materials are calculated when manufacturing order is created. System prints the calculated raw material requests.

• Record material costs according to ingredient norms or real consumption.

• Accurately determine inventory production cost with the help of production line.

• Record multiple ingredients for a single product.

• Choose production ingredients depending on season and market demand.

• Real time debit of finished goods cost.

• Create and analyze cost savings for every production conveyer and equipments.

• Choose from a variety of production cost calculation methods.

• Production fluctuation report

• All types of production reports and analysis

Odoo CMS - a big picture

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