Human Resource Management app

Detailed database of employees

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Detailed employee profiles

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Employee recruitment process

Detailed database of job seekers' resumes. You can manage and sort through the job seekers in selection stages. Once the job seeker is recruited, their details get automatically copied to employee database.

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New employee directive program

Register all factors to be introduced with per position. You can create directive program for new employee and see the introduction process. When it's done, they send it to their manager for approval.

Employee birthday reminder

Sends employee birthday reminder by email and automatically posts greeting post in company's shared timeline.

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Leave&Holiday management

Monitor the workflow of employees sending their leave requests and managers approving the requests. You can record and control various types of leaves, such as paid and unpaid leave, sick leave, compensatory rest, shift vacation, etc.

  • Automatically monitor your paid leave limits
  • Allocate your resources by inspecting leaves marked on calendar.
  • Paid leave
  • Unpaid leave
  • Sick leave
  • Compensatory rest
  • Shift vacation

Work timesheet and reports

Time balance gets automatically generated by employees recording their daily worked hours and keeping the detailed reports.

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Time registry

Download attendance data from various time attendance machines in real-time. You can also record attendances manually or import them from excel files. Time registry and late reports are generated.

Shared calendar

Working outside the office, conferences and meetings registry

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Employees may find out who is having which meeting when by using the shared calendars. Meeting invitation and notifications are automatically sent from system.

Business trip registry

The workflow consists of registering and approving business trips' budget and plan. After the business trip, the assignee reports budget execution and settles the consolidations with accountant.

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Training registry

Create workflow of training plan, budget insertion and approval. After the training, it's details are entered and attendance is recorded. Training hour gets automatically downloaded into employee's time balance.

Automatic time balance

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Time balance gets automatically generated from time registry, timesheet, leave, work outside office, business trip and training records. 

You can monitor the workflow of downloaded time balance approval. After completing balance approval process, it is sent to salary accountant so that they can calculate salaries.

Employee appraisal

You can do various appraisals, as well as employee's 360 degree assessment. Evaluation may be scheduled on each employee. Appraisal notice is automatically sent from the system by email. Assessment results are automatically combined and reported by the system.

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Awards registry

You can reward your deserving employees with awards on the ERP. And you can also set up award types used in your company. These awards are displayed on the employee's profile and if it's linked with salary bonus, then the employees will be motivated.

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Cash, stock request

Monitor the workflow of sending online and approving inventory, cash requests. Approved request is sent to accountant and dynamically connects with accounting module.

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Integrated apps

Salary calculation

Salary is calculated by downloading data from the generated time balance in Human Resource module.


Received and sent documents, order records, specifications, meeting protocols are recorded.

Project management

Monitor and analyze employees' spent hours by project, task wise. So that salary expenses are correctly allocated to their projects.


Employee's registered inventory, cash requests are directly integrated with accounting module.