E-commerce app

"Technology intersects branches and moves really fast."


Odoo CMS - том зураг

• Any user can design their website.

• Sell products through your website and control your stock balance in real time.

• Ready to use pages for detailed product display.

• Conduct giveaways and sales

• Company’s finance integrated invoice is automatically created after e-commerce.

• Analyze specifically your e-commerce income and expenditure.

• Multi language support.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo зураг ба текст блок
Odoo зураг ба текст блок

• System automatically recommends related products to your customer.

• System automatically recommends optional products.

• Easy-to-use Search Engine Optimization tool. Monitor and analyze your website’s performance using Google Analytics.

• Automatic integration with Mongolian banks. Online payment is supported.

• You can install any theme from odoo app store.

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Integrated apps


Sends mass email to sales leads, opportunities, customers registered on CRM app. Categorize through which event the lead was created from.


Marketing app significantly increases the sales through optimized activation.

Website builder

Events created in Marketing are automatically published on the website. Register participants and do payments online.