CRM app

Customer Relationship Management


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Record every sales leads.


You can record each and every single sales leads and chances and grow them into sales. It's also possible to group and control leads according to stages.

Customer detailed database

Database containing detailed records of every clients an partners is maintained. The history of customer interactions is saved.

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All-in-one customer management

You can view every related documents of the client such as meetings, mobile calls, sales, purchase, contract, etc. from their record screen.

Monitor sales team performance from one screen.

You can monitor sales teams' performances, KPI specifications from one screen in real-time

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Client complaints management

You can record customer complaints and control the resolution process.

Recording help center requests.

Help tickets are created from the recorded requests of client phone calls. Respondents are assigned to requests and they can record the time spent for resolution and monitor the decision making process. You can generate request resolution reports and analyze it from the recorded data.

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Chatting directly with the help center representatives.

Customers can get their issues resolved by chatting with the call center representatives directly.

Integrated apps

Call center

Our call center system directly integrates with CRM module. The history of customer interactions is shown to operator once phone call is received, hence making it easy for them to provide better services. You can also call your clients directly from their profile window.


Continue your sales by creating bids from sales leads on CRM system.


Marketing module provides many capabilities such as customer research, mass mailing, organizing events, etc.