Contracts management app

"Easy contracts control"

Detailed contracts database

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Executive / Customer party contracts

You can participate as any party in the contract. Depending on this, receivable or payables are created.

Payment condition and graphics

Records payment condition and graphics on contracts. Automatic payment email reminders.

Automatic invoice creation

Invoices are created automatically when the time specified on contract payment condition comes. Automatic reminders are received as emails.

Contract states control

Control contracts' states in real-time through our system. Automatic email reminders are received when contract state is changed. Track who approved the contract when, as well as on whom it's being waited.

Automatic reminders

Automatic reminders are sent as email for when contract starts and ends, payment is made, contract state is changed.

State history

See and track who changed the project state into what, approved/cancelled when.

Unified contracts database

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Filter and analyze contracts database in any way. You can filter and group by factors such as contract type, customer, state, duration, etc.

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Automatic contracts creation from purchase

There are cases where contracts are made after purchase. You can create contracts on purchase screen after decision to purchase is made in the purchase app. Purchase contracts can be one-time or master.

Automatic contracts creation from sales

Contracts can be set to be automatically created after sales order approval for companies who like to make contracts. Contracts can be for one-time or frequent sales.

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Analyze profit and loss per contract

The system registers each contract as cost center. By recording every profit and loss of a cost center, it becomes possible to analyze profit and loss of each contract separately. So, decisions to proceed or freeze contracts will be made based on real data.

Contract collateral record

Creates contracts' collateral database. Records details like collateral's market price, estimated amount, date and location.

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Contract adjunct and amendment

You can record contract adjuncts and amendments.

Integrated apps


Automatic creation of contract from sales and vice versa.


Automatic creation of contract from purchase and vice versa.


Automatic creation of invoice from contract's payment condition. No risk of accountants forgetting contract payments. Each contract is treated as cost center and their profit and loss is monitored.


Registers contracts related to technics, such as technic rent contract, insurance contract, usage contract, etc.. See results based on real performance of technics.