Бизнес менежментийн цогц програм хангамж

Брошур татах

Advantages of Od ERP system

Odoo текст ба зургийн блок

Free license

Unlimited users

Over 13.000 modules worldwide

Completely customized for Mongolian law and standards

Used in 57 countries

Has partners from 192+ countries

Customizable for each company

Translated in 80 languages

Multi company support

Generate reports for a group company

Web interface

XML-RPC integration

Mobile app development for user needs

Set up workflow

World quality by Mongolian cost

Completely translated to Mongolian language

Od ERP system modules

Stages of ERP project implementation

1. Analyze

Define customer's need.
List business processes.
Approve business process diagrams.
Asterisk Technologies LLC:

Define customer's need.
Install the system.
System preliminary configuration.
Make additional development list.
List business processes.
Make business process diagrams.
Make reports list.
Estimate network and hardware cost.

2. Develop and Test

Approve report designs.
Asterisk Technologies LLC:

Define additional developments.
Do additional developments.
Develop the reports.
Do functional tests.

3. Implement

Define access right levels.
Prepare and insert master data.
Prepare and insert initial balance.
Manually insert left out data.
Go live.
Asterisk Technologies LLC:

Configure access right settings.
Insert master data.
Insert initial balance.
Conduct training for all users.
Prepare documentation.
Used in 50+ large companies in Mongolia
world class
ERP system