Client's detailed database

A detailed database of every client and partners ever contacted your company is  maintained along with the history.

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Online bidding

Tired of re-writing the quotations over and over again? Now you don't have to!

You only have to place your quotes on your website once and direct your clients with  their custom link. Then immediately negotiate the price on your website there and  then.

Quick conversation

You can converse with your clients under the quotation and finish the negotiation.  It's that easy!

Quotation accept & reject buttons

Your customers can easily accept or reject your qoutes by pressing the corresponding  buttons on proposal you've sent.
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Monitoring by sales phases

"Ноорог үнийн санал" -> "Үнийн санал илгээгдсэн" -> "Борлуулалтын захиалга" -> "Дууссан"
"Draft quotation"- >"Quotation sent"->"Sales order"->"Finished"

Multi currency support

Do sales with any client from any country.

Various discounts and bonus

You can do pricing with any sale, discount, bonus. You can also set quotes on each  client.
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Warehouse balance is automatically checked during sales process.

This prevents selling non-existing products.

Product exchange - do barter

Amounts of exchanging products are displayed at one spot. Warehouse receipts and  expenditure movement documents are automatically created by allocating the outgoing  product costs with incoming product costs.

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Monitor your sales teams' performances from one screen

Sales team performances and KPI specifications are reviewed and managed from one  screen at real-time.

Sales contract management

Once the sales order is approved, you can create it's contract and control your  payments according to payment terms. Draft invoices are automatically created under  contract terms. Precaution mails are sent automatically from the system when  receivable, contract closing times are due. Project is created once contract is made,  making it possible to control the proceeding stages.

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Sales plan

You can record your company's sales plan and the plan executions are monitored in  real-time.

Integrated with VAT bonus system

Our system is integrated with the VAT bonus system that has been followed since 1st  Jan 2016 althrough Mongolia. VAT bonus codes are printed on sales receipts.

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Calculate capital gains tax

Our system can determine Capital tax that has been followed since 1st Oct 2015. You  can immediately print out the tax reports.

Integrated modules



Quotations are directly created from Customer Relationship Management system



Delivery order is automatically created right after sales approval.



Invoice of the sales order is created automatically once it's approved.


Manufacturing order can be set up to be created in sales quantity-wise once the sales  is made.


Do online sales

Contract management

Register sales contracts and control your payments according to the payment terms

Project management

New projects and tasks can be scheduled to be created right after the sales completion.