Project management

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Бүх төслүүдээ нэг дэлгэцнээс удирдах боломжтой. Төслийн бүртгэлийн дэлгэцэнд төслүүдийн багийн гишүүд, зарцуулсан цаг, даалгаврын тоо гэх мэт мэдээллийг нэг дэлгэцнээс харж удирдаарай.

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Projects gantt diagram

Manage all your projects from one place. Control project team members, spent hours, task amount, etc. from the project's record window.

Task control

Group and analyze tasks by project wise, consigned employee wise, supervisor wise, state wise, etc.

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Keep record of performance on the tasks

Employee opens the task window and enters finished work details, performance, spent time duration and date. This record immediately gets inserted to their timesheet, thereon will be calculated for time balance. Thus, it becomes super easy to analyze how much time current employee is spending on which task.

Unified tasks calendar

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Employees can view these tasks scheduled on one calendar and manage their workloads. Drag and drop the tasks to change their time on the calendar.

Planning teams

You can also plan the teams allocated on projects.

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Use SCRUM management

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You can control some of your projects with Scrum management. Sprint, user history, backlog, tasks managing.

PMBOK standard is here too!

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Other modules integration


Recievables invoice is automatically created in accounting module right after the sales approval.


Invoice of the sales order is created automatically once it's approved.