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Accounting made easy

Great GUI, easy, a great opportunity

Accounting software for any organization. Whether it's big or medium or small, don't worry! We got it all covered. Keep your transactions in a centered way by pressing very few buttons. Automate daily tasks such as integrating payments from bank statements with invoices and checking them. Additional features such as analytic accounting, budget, capital, unification of multi companies, etc. can be directly used. High productivity GUI, which is user friendly and easy-to-use. No manual keeping of transactions are needed. It's automatically kept according to business rules and terms betimely.

Reports with correct formats

You can quickly create reports whenever needed

Easily create profit loss, balance, capital reports. You can choose any time period, as well as compare two different time periods. Create notes on reports without leaving the system. The default Odoo system can generate standard reports accepted in more than 45 countries. Our Od-ERP system can generate every Mongolian standard reports.

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Dashboard and KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

Keep, analyze and predict every transaction.

Access primary data from your dashboard directly. You can customize your dashboard however way you want. Monitor each accounting activity  from your dashboard as if on palm of your hand whenever you want. Analyze your accounting activities with choices of drill-up, drill-down or drill-across and filter in various way. Analytic accounting activities can be kept in line with timesheet, project, invoice and expenses.

Ажил гүйлгээг гараар хөтлөх шаардлагагүй бөгөөд бизнесийн дүрэм, журмын дагууд цаг тухайдаа автоматаар хөтлөгдөнө.

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Full compliance to Mongolian standards

Accounting, Taxes, Social insurance standards

All standard reports are generated correctly in real-time.

  1. Standard reports of Ministry of Finance
  2. Tax standard reports
  3. Social insurance standard reports
  4. Commonly used reports in Mongolia
Our system is globally and widely used, as well as fully complianced with international accounting standards.

Control multi company from one place

With the help of Od-ERP system's multi company rules, you can save time and work.

Every transaction of group companies can be managed in the system. Group companies can use shared database of customers, suppliers, products, etc. Furthermore, a lot of work can be made easier and productivity rate can be increased by automating group company wise sales and invoices.

Бусад модулийн холбоо

Budget management

Organization's budget execution is monitored in real-time by automatically importing it from transaction on accounting.


Recievables invoice is automatically created in accounting module right after the sales approval.


Payables invoice is automatically created in accounting module right after the purchase approval.


Stock income and expenditure entries are directly created in the accounting module. Stock cost gets automatically averaged and updated right after earnings.

Contract management

Invoices are automatically created according to contract payment terms. Repeated invoices can be set up. See contract profit, loss only by pressing one button.


Approved cash requests and stock claims are imported into accounting module automatically.

Project management

Monitor your project-wise and task-wise cost of man-hours, stock costs and technical costs. Press one button and you will see whether or not your project has profit or loss.