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Od ERP system merits

Od ERP system apps

Internal communication
Internal chat, company shared calendar, announcements, notes, groups, forums, write comments, meeting invitations and protocol.
Human Resource
CV, HR recruitment, mentorship, holiday, leave, time record, work report, attendance machine connection, business trip, training, automatic time balance, routing slip, cash request, employee appraisal, rewards.
Documents & archive
Received and sent documents, order registry, 
definition, archive management, conference protocols.
Contract database, contract approval workflow, contract payment conditions, payment graph, deposit, undue loss, interest calculation, automatic invoice creation, automatic contract and payment reminders.
Mass email, import email database, surveys, events management, marketing campaign.
Customer Relationship Management
Customer database, sales leads, opportunities, transactions, complaint management, phone calls, help center, meetings, online chat support.
Sales plan, quotation, sales order, discount, bonus, price list, salesman KPI, automatic integration between finance and inventory, ebarimt integration.
Point of Sale
Offline and online POS, receipt registry, ebarimt integration, VAT QR code,  retail, automatic integration between finance and inventory.
Inventory order, quotes, purchase, purchase plan, supplier database, supplier appraisal, inventory cost calculation.
Warehouse and location management, inventory income and expenditure, internal movement, replenishment, internal cost, census, proper inventory balance, serial number records.
Manufacturing plan, norms, finished product cost calculation, production conveyer, production orders and reports.
Projects, project tasks, issues, team members, gantt chart, tasks calendar view, task time norm, PMBOK management, SCRUM management.
Receivable and Payable
Customer and supplier database, receivable and payable records, customer receivable and payable aging report, receivable tracking, automatic reminders, automatic invoices.
Standard & Analytic accounting
Receivable and payable, cash, fixed asset, stock, supply, balance sheet, tax, financial statement, analytic accounting, cost center management.
Budget records, cash flow budget, monitor budget performance at any time, budget per cost center, budget analysis.
Automatic time balance, any raise and deduction formula, attendance and/or performance wise wage calculation, automatic wage transaction, cost center wise salary cost distribution, import to PIT and SIN, automatic printing of bank request.
Mining plan and performance, daily dispatcher records, markshader measurements, blasting, drilling, stockpiling, concentrator.
Repair plan, work order, repair types, cause of damage, work outfit, repair norms and performance, unit repair cost.
Technics, spare parts, wheels, accumulator registry. Scraps, norms and performance, GPS connection, refueling, fuel and lubricants, accessories, documents.
Occupational Safety and Health
Occupational Safety, Health and Accident records, danger report cards, OSH training registry.
Website builder
Content management system, build your own website using drag-and-drop building blocks, design options, HTML & CSS editor, ready-to-use themes, direct integration with other ERP apps.
E-commerce settings on products, product search, cart usage, order, online payment, automatic stock balance check, integrated with sales app.
Call center
Record and process every phone call, call scheduling, call content record, supports connection to CallPro system, shows customer's call history.
Non bank financial
Trust, Loan, Currency exchange
Room, customer, booking and room service registries; automatic creation of sales order and invoice; cash entries.
Menu and stock registry, technology cards, automatic meal production from POS, raw materials norm, performance comparison reports.
Technics autobase
Technic usage scheduling, technic order, road slip, race.
Lunch order
Lunch order, menu records.
Dental clinic
Doctor appointment, nurse, teeth, patient history, automatic creation of sales from inspection, invoices, prints ebarimt.

Stages of ERP project implementation

1. Шинжилгээ

Define customer's need.
List business processes.
Approve business process diagrams.
Asterisk Technologies LLC:

Define customer's need.
Install the system.
System preliminary configuration.
Make additional development list.
List business processes.
Make business process diagrams.
Make reports list.
Estimate network and hardware cost.

2. Хөгжүүлэлт ба Тест

Approve report designs.
Asterisk Technologies LLC:

Define additional developments.
Do additional developments.
Develop the reports.
Do functional tests.

3. Нэвтрүүлэлт

Define access right levels.
Prepare and insert master data.
Prepare and insert initial balance.
Manually insert left out data.
Go live.
Asterisk Technologies LLC:

Configure access right settings.
Insert master data.
Insert initial balance.
Conduct training for all users.
Prepare documentation.